$500 Plus 20% Per Family Member – Looking For Real Family Units Only- 2 Parents/ Straight Or Gay One Or MORE Kids, Between 3-14 Yrs Old.

Project Name: Family Scrapbook stories ( children’s network NDA) Project Type: Other Rate/Compensation: $500 plus 20% per family member / 8 hours Shoot Dates: 06/17/14, 06/18/14, 06/19/14 Project Type: Message: Hello! The casting got moved up until end of May, so if you have not submitted and want to , please do!! Please have email me your pics and stories to 24hour.cast@gmail.com. Remember to keep stories on the light side, since it is a children’s network 🙂 I am about to go through family submissions now and the beginning of next week to schedule< so if you submitted,and have not heard from me. You will soon!! Thank you! Kristen

Looking for real family units only**** 2 parents/ straight or gay one or more kids, between 3-14 yrs old. ( we will have time to get work permits, if needed) Email me submissions, submitting on here will not suffice for this one. 24hour.cast@gmail.comEmail me before May 20th***** earlier is better, of course… details below CASTING REAL FAMILES IN THE BAY AREA -FOR A POPULAR CHILDREN’S NETWORK $$ This will be mini series featuring real families with compelling stories of family beginnings, origins, and /or milestones. SHOOT HAPPENS Mid JUNE 2014 We are looking for families with at least one child between the ages of 3 and 7 years old, and all children/siblings under the age of 13 years!). (Unless you have a great story that you cannot resist telling us , then age of older kid does not matter! ) (no siblings is great, too!) Casting and Callbacks (where you meet the clients) take place in the San Francisco Bay Area end-May, and shoots mid June. ***Each family member will be paid $500 for the shoot.*** Details: We are looking for families with great stories of their original ‘firsts’ or ‘milestones’…. Stories that you want to share and that we, and other families, would love to hear. Basically, what experiences have been special to you as a family? ****Are you this family, or know of a great family? Please email me!!**** Examples: o first born ( i.e. story of coming home from the hospital), first tooth, beginning to walk, first birthday, beginning a sport, first time in America ( for families from other countries), adoption stories, beginning a family tradition, first carnival / first rollercoaster, etc., etc…. o something we have not thought of, your original 1st and/or milestone! o origin stories of objects, such as ‘mom’s necklace’, ‘your lawn gnome’ etc. o those great family stories that get told all the time. Those funny stories that people tell year after year around the thanksgiving table. Iconic family stories, etc, etc…. ****Please submit**** This shoot will be through kristen beck casting in San Francisco. *****Please email me at 24hour.cast@gmail.com******* 1. Contact info. 2. Ages of each family member. 3. Pictures of each family member and picture of you all together. 4. Short family story of examples from above. 5. Availability: will you be available for casting end may (approximately 30 minutes), and shoot mid June (1 day tbd) kristen beck casting SF 24hour.cast@gmail.com

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