Casting Call For Female Of Color 18-30

My name is Imani and I’m participating in a film festival at SFSU called Campus Movie Fest. Participants make a 5 minute film over the course of a week.

I’m doing a really simple, environmentally charged film, where I need one female non-speaking lead. I would also love if this same person could possibly help with some of the production, shooting the non-human scenes, but if not that’s fine, just please let me know upon responding.

a. LOCATION: Shooting will be in San Francisco
b. UNPAID: Unfortunately, as a student just moving here, it will be unpaid, I will bring lunch for us though! I’ll see what you like once you email me! 🙂
c. SHOOTING will be between the 24th and 28th, shooting all together shouldn’t take anymore than 3-5 hours. And that’s being generous.
d. CONTACT: My email is, and my phone number is (916) 706-4567. If replying by phone, please text initially, I am in school and work and often
miss phone calls.
e. DETAIL: I need a female of Color, meaning Black, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Native American, or any combo 🙂 I’m hoping for someone between the ages of 18-30 but if you really like the idea of the project, don’t hesitate to respond even if you’re outside of this age range!

Thanks in advanced!

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