About MMTB

MMTB- Movie Making Throughout the Bay! is a 501c3 Non Profit Corporation founded Feb 2010, that supports the efforts of filmmakers, performers and industry professionals throughout the Bay and WORLD WIDE by providing a collaborative, supportive and fun environment for them to create, connect and succeed. SUPER SEARCH Engine, will help Filmmakers Throughout the World Connect, Find Who they Need and come together to film and succeed. “

MMTB has been held events monthly in the SF Bay Area since conception

We Are a Non-Profit and Keep Up by Renting Our Studio Out- Check Out the Tour, shoot us an email if you are interested in renting for filming, any kind of event etc-

Here is a Quick Breakdown of our ‘Make a Film in a Day’ Actors and Directors Challenge, No, the Edit is not done that day..and No, No Auditions, check it out-

MMTB has made over 500 short films and 8 feature films. MMTB is steadily growing every month. MMTB- Movie Making Throughout the Bay has big plans for the future and welcomes sponsors and donations to help us succeed! To See More Visit the Facebook PAGE and check out the albums and much more!

The MMTB Directors Challenge Event is monthly, sometimes weekly All Year,  All Across the Bay. There are Filmmakers Scavenger Hunts, Mixers, Theatre Screenings, and Much Much More… Please visit http://www.moviemakingbay.com/events or you can see it on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/moviemakingbay/events
-It’s great for networking and finding your future cast and crew, as well as build your REEL. We screen the films and vote for a winner in theaters across the bay. Winning films get trophies and a chance to get on our annual DVD. We also screen every short film in a theater across the bay area and if they win, they go on to continue screening at the following event.
TOP 5 Things you SHOULD KNOW about MMTB-
1. We Throw Filmmaking Events Monthly, where we get together, form teams, and compete who can make the best short film in a 6 hour time frame. These films are then edited over a 1.5-4 month basis and screened at local theaters, voted on etc… Find Events Here, You are looking for the “Make a Film in a Day” Directors & Actors Challenge Potluck Events that are Every 2nd Saturday All Over the Bay Area and Every 3rd Thursday at the MMTB Production Office in Rodeo
2. We Sponsor Films. Investors Like Tax Deductions in Order to Give Money Towards Films. We can Facilitate that. Just send an email to elena@mmtb.org for more information
3. All MMTB Films are Screened and Voted on for Awards All Year Long and Annual Awards for Best of the Best.
4. MMTB’s Goal is Putting Bay Area on the Map for Filmmaking and Bring Funding to Create Great Long Term Jobs for the Bay!
5. Most Importantly – We provide a friendly comfortable and FUN environment with an attitude of – “If you say you can do it PROVE IT!” – No Auditions, No requirements, NO MEMBERSHIP FEES and YOU WILL BE EITHER IN OR PART OF A SHORT FILM EVERY MONTH- except Nov and Dec EVERY YEAR ALL YEAR LONG!
– will take filmmaking in the Bay to the next level. The biggest complaint is finding who you need in the Bay. We are all here, but very spread out. NOW you can find who you need for your film, whether it be cast, crew, location, prop or maybe your lonely, need a date or roommate that understands your UNIQUE Film industry lifestyle cause they are in it!! Please utilize and share 🙂
–What MMTB Events Offers- (SF Bay Area ONLY for now)
1. Get to know your local filmmakers and find people you can work with
2. Actor or Filmmaker – Build a REEL very quickly FREE- (SF Bay Area ONLY for now)
3. Create at least one Short Film every month- (SF Bay Area ONLY for now)
4. Show off your skills and get hired!
5. Producer’s Challenges keep you filming outside of the events
6. IMDB Credits for many of the films made- (SF Bay Area ONLY for now)
7. Become part of a fast growing film family- (SF Bay Area ONLY for now)
8. Perfect your skills by practicing with us guerrilla style- (SF Bay Area ONLY for now)
–What are MMTB DIRECTORS CHALLENGES (Filming Events)?
1. Potluck – Lots of great food! Bring a dish to share or pay an extra fee
2. We create between of 2 to 9 short films on the spot monthly depending on how many teams participate
3. Lots of networking.
4. You are assigned a team, no auditions necessary, no experience necessary, prove how great you are.
5. Teams are formed based on how many Directors or DPs take the challenge
7. Fees Vary, First Timers add additional $25 to any ticket, See all events at www.MovieMakingBay.Eventbrite.com
8. Every 2nd Saturday of each month Jan-Oct, and January we hold our Annual Event
9. Screening of all films made at previous events at Theatres Across the Bay Area, CA.
10. Films voted on my the attending
11. IMDB credits for winning films and most films qualify for IMDB credits once screened at an event.
12. MMTB awards and ribbons to winning short films and put on a DVD annually
13. Winning Films also get entered in the Annual Best of all Categories- Held in January
14. The DVD of winning films goes to Amazon first and then on Netflix Possibly plus more.
15. If there were donations that month, winning films may also win money
16. THEATRE SCREENINGS Every Month if Not Every Month
17. Locations for the event vary monthly all throughout the entire Bay Area.
2. FIND PEOPLE for YOUR GIGS- use our AMAZING hover pop up profile, this will help you narrow your search even more from the members list. Once you narrow your search, just hover your mouse over each profile and you will get a pop up of their profile summaries. (Note- You might need to refresh your page if you dont see the hover, and if you minimize your screen to fit the member list you are able to scroll down through the pop up profiles)
3. NETWORK- Tag People, Send Messages, See their Portfolios, Links to ALL their work and Social Media Profiles etc..
4. Get the WORD OUT about YOUR FILM or Trailer
5. PROMOTE yourself, your event, your PRODUCTION COMPANY
9. Enjoy Watching Independent Short Films from ALL OVER THE WORLD!
10. GET YOUR FILM SCENE at our MONTHLY OUTDOOR FILM FESTIVAL- Either by Submitting your Film or Taking the MMTB Producer’s Challenges, See Events Page for Details.
11. FIND EQUIPTMENT, BORROW IT, BUY IT ETC… Just search for the equiptment you need on our SEARCH page and you will get a list of people who own the equiptment. Then, you can send them a message, hire them for your shoot, or just ask them to buy or rent it from them.
12. NEED A FILMMAKER WITH A CERTAIN CAMERA- PERFECT!!!! You can to the right place. Use our search and narrow down by type of equipment and area willing to travel too. PAID and NON PAID
13. POST YOUR WORK. Use the Dashboard feature once your registered and POST anything you would like about yourself, your films, your work, etc…

Let a Member tell you-

MMTB is a great and fun community to learn and practice the art of movie making.  No matter what role you would like to pursue, acting, directing, videography, writing, editing, production assistant, producer and other crew you can do it all here at MMTB.”
I started with MMTB March 2010 as an Actress; after a few years I developed an interest in filmmaking because of this group.  This has prompt me to go to film school and pursue my dream.  I’m am now Directing, Writing, and Producing my own films within and outside of MMTB through Twinkletown Productions.
What is MMTB?  MMTB is a community that meets every second Saturday once a month except during the winter months November & December.  Locations can vary throughout the Bay Area.  We are randomly placed into groups/teams which consist of a Director, Actors, Writer and Production Assistants.  Each group is given at least 5 hours to collaborate on an ideal/story and complete filming on the same day.  After filming Directors or Editors have at least a month and a half to submit a finish product for screening in a bay area theater hosted by MMTB.
What I love about MMTB?  I love the format of this group.  It can be challenging for some, but it has taught me to organize my time and my team to get all the shots I need to make a well developed story.  Not every project can be perfect but each time, I learn something new and valuable that I can use on future projects.  To be able to work well under pressure and under time constraint is a skill that is a must especially on a professional movie set.  I also love that everyone will get IMDB credit, (An Actor or filmmaker’s professional resume)  Outside of MMTB, getting IMDB credit can be difficult, because it is exclusive to professional work, therefore to be able to get IMDB credit for an MMTB film is greatly valuable.  What I love most about this group is the people.  The friendship and the connections you make is what will get you to the next level.  I have met so many people that have led to opportunities both paid and non-paid outside of MMTB.
The beauty of this community is there is no pressure to submit a perfect product.  The only caveat is that a finished product must be submitted from each team.  Everyone is professional and you’re surrounded by a group of people that love what they do.  We always have fun on set and built lasting relationships every month.  Therefore, if you ever wanted to be in films, work on a film set, learn new skills, or just have fun every month with great people, MMTB is the place to do it!”- ARLYNNE RAMOS
–What’s the Background on this Filmmaking Group?
MMTB- Movie Making Throughout the Bay! Inc. was founded by Elena Altman on Jan 11th, 2010 it became an official 501c3 Non Profit Organization in April 20th, 2012.
The first filming event was in February 2010 and from then on we have
held filming events monthly- Every 2nd Saturday of the month all
across the Bay Area. There are also screening mixers, producer
challenges, film scavenger hunts, annual awards and much more.
Anything you aspire to be in the film industry, we can help make that
dream come true. Come film with us! Join the MMTB family. And one day,
you too will be holding and MMTB award.
What’s Elena Altmans’ Story
MMTB- Movie Making Throughout the Bay! Founded by Elena Altman in January of 2010.
Elena Altman was an ambitious entrepreneur and decided that she would pursue her dream of becoming an actor around Nov 2009. After attending multiple auditions and being told that she was a natural but, did not have experience she had to take matters into her own hands. She formed a film team, wrote a script, that she would act in, and made a short film all with zero dollars; she quickly learned how to edit and completed her first film “Blind Mind.”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6YFSjsqLEQ This was so exciting for her that she went on to make dozens of short films and has released her first feature film called “Project Run.”- http://www.facebook.com/projectrun She found her passion in film, writing, directing, producing, and of course acting, which became a secondary passion. 

Elena went on to start MMTBMovie Making Throughout the Bay on Facebook, which grew exponentially and the time had come to think of how to get everyone in the community together to make films and give Actors the opportunities they never had before.

Once she threw her first event in a Donated Location, a Black Hawk House in Danville in February 2010, the rush, the fun, and the demand for this event was apparent. Elena had to keep it going.

Her GoalCreate More Bay Area Filmmaking Job Opportunities for the industry

(c) Copyright MMTB – All Rights Reserved
Elena Altman
CEO/Board Director and Founder of MMTB- Movie Making Throughout the Bay
Other Board Members Include Inessa Briscoe & Anthony Robostoff who choose to remain private.