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Oct 2012 Contestants For Director’s Challenge

Dibs Directed by Molly Nelson, Jamese Morgan – DP , Winner

Mommy Directed by Elio Hernandez, Humza Siddiqui – DP

Gesundheit  Tiffany Newcomer, Ravi Shankar- DP

PowerCut Directed by Dhiman Barman

Untitled Directed by Ken Edwards

The Legend of the Sword and the Jinni Directed by Humza Siddiqui

DP- Farrukh Shah Khan

Lilly Directed by Emma Li- Winner

Together Again Directed by Shelly Russell

Love Express Directed by Dhiman Barman

Camp Reform Directed by Arlynne Ramos

Aug 2012 Contestants For Director’s Challenge

Love Potion 69 Directed by Anthony Thomas – Winner

DP/AD- Arlynne Ramos


The Chase Directed by Tiffany Newcomer

Stealth Mode Directed by Shelly Russell

July 2012 Contestants For Producer’s Challenge

Love Drug Produced by Arlynne Ramos- Winner

Puppet Produced by Elena Altman

Zetas- The Mission Produced by Alex Alvarenga

From Me to Me, The Internal Dialogue Produced by Emma Li

 July 2012 Contestants For Director’s Challenge

Treatment Directred by Judy Razon

Paper Cuts Directred by Kyle Stout

Code of Conduct Directred by Elena Altman


Beads, Deeds and Tumbleweeds Directred by Steve Mintz

Critical Directred by Bill Schleider- Winner

June 2012 Contestants For Director’s Challenge

Retributor Directed by Chris Damm – Winner

Deezels Shack Directed by Mattie Cooper

Meditation Directed by Ken Edwards

How to Throw a Killer Party Directed by Tiffany Newcomer

Welcome Home Directed by Elena Altman

Directors Challenge Films for May 2012

Amy Directed by Shelly Russell

When I grow up Directed by Warren Lee- Winner

Paradise Regency Directed by Mattie Cooper

April 2012 Contestants For Director’s Challenge—-

Fairy tale next door Directed by Chris Damm- WINNER

Losing You Directed by Judy Razon

Unmet Expectations Directed by Shelly Russell

Haunted Hope Directed by Mattie Cooper

A Wee Tale Directed by Tiffany Newcomer

Stoopid Directed by Ken Edwards

Producer Challenge Films April 2012 

Blind Produced Produced by Warren Lee

The Messanger Produced by Arlynne Ramos

The Arrangement Produced by Christina Zamora- WINNER

The Witcher Produced by Den Martos

Dreamweaver Produced by Judy Razon

A Green Day Produced by Adrian Corrillo

March 2012 ContestantFor Director’s Challenge

Whitmore Directed by Graham Lee- WINNER

Spies vs Super Heroes Directed by Warren Lee

Do your job Directed by Judy Razon

FEB 2012 Contestant- For Director’s Challenge

Mightier than the Sword, Directed by Sanjay Sooknanan

The New Guy , Directed by Tiffany Newcomer

The Portal Directed by Yvonne Russell- Winner

Jan 2012 Contestant- For Director’s Challenge

Lazi Boi Directed by Shelly Russell

Please Become My Wife Directed by Gini Graham Scott

Loss for Words – Directed by Tiffany Newcomer – Winner

Miss Fortune Directed by Judy Razon

Decision  Directed by Elena Altman

The Screen Play-  Directed by Genel Mejia – Winner