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Golden State Studios LLC, in association with Golden State Films, brings you Fumes of Fury the new West Coast independent underground movie. This movie was made in Stockton California, and is the second movie by writer and director Keith Lea. “Fumes of Fury” is being independently distributed throughout the world by Golden State Studios LLC.

Keith Lea– An Underground Guerrilla Filmmaker From stockton, ca. Learned Filming In SanFrancisco Bay Area Over 15 year ago and from the streets of California. Filmmaking Found him, he didn’t Find Filmmaking. Started off as a P.A.on a M.c. Hammer Video Pump N Ah Bumps” first paid gig and Worked his way up to his second Indie Movie almost 20years later. He Wrote/Directed/Produced/Edited/filmed This Movie himself. 

Website: www.goldenstatefilms.com

Telephone Number: (209) 922-3902

Email: Topfilmmaker@gmail.com

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